We aim to create unique pleasurable experiences and memories through our chocolate

single origin selection 2018

for our 2018 selection, we have found three specific origin areas from southern philippines that exibit exceptional flavor profiles.

these dark chocolate bars are best to have as a shared indulgence or gift for dinners and parties.


Santa maria 75%

Santa maria is a coastal town located in the Davao Occidental Province at the south eastern pacific side of the philippine islands.

The farms are planted with trinitario cacao alongside with bananas, coconuts and various fruit trees.     Tasting notes: citrus fruits, cinnamon and spicy finish



subasta 70%

subasta in davao del sur is known for its rich volcanic soil planted to a variety of fruit trees which includes durian, banana, coconut and pomelo.

tasting notes: nutty, dry red wine and green tea. long bitter tannic finish



santa maria coffee nibs

the chocolate espresso bar includes santa maria origin cacao with philippines coffee beans, roasted in traditional italian fashion.

tasting notes: citrus fruit is further enhanced by the strong acidity brought about from the coffee beans, spicy finish


talandang 70%

cacao tree fill the understory of the coconut trees in the farms located in talandang in davao. the trees include newly established trinitario varietals of high cacao butter content.

tasting notes: ripe fruit, honey and distinctly raisin